Fortune Seafood Steamboat Package (Serves 6 to 8 pax)

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Enjoy a sumptuous restaurant-quality seafood steamboat package with our Japanese Ramen-styled chicken broth and premium seafood. End of with authentic Japanese ice-cream daifuku and Taiwan ice cream.

Spread of 17 items, suitable for at least 6 to 8 people.

Package Includes…
1 pack x Collagen Chicken Soup (Halal), 2kg
1 tub x Hikari Maru Mu Inaka – Miso Paste, 375g
1 can x SiamCrab Pasteurised Crab Meat – Jumbo Lump
1 pack x Tiger X Grouper Sliced, 200g
1 pack x Green Grouper Sliced, 200g
1 pack x Tiger Prawn 26-30, 1kg
2 pcs x Squid Whole Japan, Maruto Tsubonuki Ika, 190-210g
1 pack x Snow Crab Leg, 250g
1 pack x Surimi Lucky Bear, 500g
1 pack x Japanese Scallops, Hotate Kaibashira M 26/30, 1kg
1 can x Australia Wild 8 Head Abalone
1 pack x Ling Ling Roll
1 pack x Japanese Udon, 200g
1 pack x Kataoka Ito Konnyaku Kuro Noodles, 180g
1 pack x Kataoka Ito Konnyaku Shiro Noodles, 180g
4 pcs x Green Tea Daifuku Tsubuan-Iri, 80ml
4 pcs x Taiwan Ice Cream Stick, 100g (Assorted Flavours)

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