Tiger X Giant Grouper Whole, 800-1000g

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Pack Size: 800-1000g

Freshness preserved just like when it was when first harvested!

This fish uses the Cells Alive System (CAS) technology from Japan to preserve its freshness and rich flavours. The CAS technology developed in Japan, fully preserves the nutritions and freshness of seafood. With CAS and advanced freezing facilities, seafood is frozen quickly without damaging the flavours, colours and freshness. Cells in tissues stay alive even after freezing, thereby ensuring that the seafood will taste and feel just like it was, when it was freshly harvested.

How it works
CAS uses electromagnetic fields and mechanical vibrations to make water clusters vibrate and prevent ice crystal formation, which would destroy the food texture. The seafood is rapidly frozen with CAS technology to maintain the freshness at that point in time.

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